Why Switching to a Healthy Lifestyle makes Your Life Better

You ever wonder if switching to a healthier lifestyle really does make a difference?? Well Don’t look any further as here are the top reasons why a change in your habits without a doubt could enhance your overall wellbeing :

1.      To Maintain a Healthy Metabolism

Of course you wouldn’t maintain a healthy metabolism if you
don’t start with a healthy diet by eating clean foods. After all, the key to a
healthy living lies very much within YOU. But we couldn’t argue the fact that
genetics played a factor in whether you might have a slow or a fast metabolism,
but again like I said, it was still in you that would makes matters worse if
you choose the wrong path to take or haven’t you take care of yourself.

As you know, self-care is influenced by the choice you make
and the decisions you ought to have. So by choosing the right diet and
lifestyle you very much maintain your metabolism to be as healthy as possible in
which of course leads to our second reason; To develop a Good Physical

2.      To develop a Good Physical Condition.

Other People wants to be fit, I mean who doesn’t? Given it
makes our whole appearance to look as good as it should, but being fit isn’t as
easy as you might think and it comes with a lot of distress. As I described
earlier our metabolism played a big factor for our body types because of
heredity. Some are just ectomorphs who couldn’t even gain weight no matter how
much they eat and others an endomorph who has high body fat and a mesomorph who is just in between. With the help of living a better lifestyle and a healthier
diet with the body types considered, you should have a pretty good idea as to
how you must do, in order to be the type of person you wanted to be.

In order to lose weight one must restrict a lot of unhealthy foods to eat and basically just watch what they eat. Same scenario with the ectomorphs who would like to gain
weight, only they need more calories and high dense food intake but again should also watch what they eat. Only then you develop a good physical condition once you understand the basics of a healthy diet in your lifestyle and the way you maintain it, is by the choice you make every single day.

3.      Improves Your Mental Health.

Did you know that The choices you make in your diet affects your whole mood and improves your whole thinking and to not be at risk for a brain disease ?? Well its because our brain functions best when we eat high quality of foods as these foods have the necessarily vitamin intake the brain needs in order to function better. Choosing an unhealthy diet such as eating junk foods with the likes of pizza, and other cheesy products may linked to high blood pressure and cholesterol that disrupts the blood supply  and damage cells that our brain is needing.

4.      Makes You Committed to live Clean

Studies shows that Someone who is living a clean lifestyle such as a straight- edge lifestyle  is committed to clean-living, positivity and have common values that include a do-it yourself mentality, and has self respect for themselves.

But what exactly is a Straight-Edge Lifestyle??

“According to Instructor Briana Marquardt-hutto”, Straight Edge is a subculture, a lifestyle, a movement, and, for some, an identity. The term itself came from a Minor Threat song (Straight Edge) from the early 1980s, which decried the self-indulgent and nihilistic
ways of the punk community at the time. It, and a few other songs with similar
messages, provided the basis for what became ‘straight edge’. The straight edge
scene grew quickly within the U.S., peaking in the late 1980s and it soon
spread to Canada and other cities across the world.

So basically to be considered straight edge, one must not consume Alcohol, does not smoke  and doesn’t use any other recreational drugs and must strive to live a life out of rules and commit to a lifelong absence of any substances for them to use. It really does help for the whole community. To live a life out of the absence of any drugs, alcohol and tobacco?? Imagine what would the world be without it? And you being a part of it? It really does make a lot of difference

And That is The reason why we should switch to a healthy lifestyle, because Basically the idea of living a healthier lifestyle could impact every single thing that
is going on in our lives. It affects every single one of us and reading this
and putting it in our hearts and minds could not only save ourselves but our
community as well. So don’t forget to share this blog to other people that
needs to hear this.

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