What is Bio Individuality and why popular diets takes a one size fits all approach?

We are all unique in our own ways and do different things that vary from one person to another, we’re all different individuals, and the same thing goes for our genetics and body structure, were not born the same with it. In that case, it is highly unlikely that the ‘right food’ for us might not be the ‘right food’ for someone else as nutritional requirement varies from person to person, hence the so-called “bio-individuality”.

Age, Body structure, genetics all play a large factor in determining the right foods to consume for each one of us, so even if we have similar weight or height with another individual our bodies will still slightly differ in structure as genetics plays a bigger and have a fundamental role in what would be our metabolism and health conditions if there are any from our family’s history. Age should also matter because nutritional requirements are unlikely to be the same for different age groups. An adult may consume a different set of foods than what a child would. Having said that, these are among considered to be what bio-individuality is about, that one size doesn’t fit all, which seems to be the issue for many of the popular diets that adopt a one-size-fits-all approach and doesn’t consider the possibilities that each person could be a whole lot different than another, so the diet that some people would go for wouldn’t necessarily work for others.

But how exactly is the term bio-individuality came about?

Well, the term bio-individuality came from Joshua Rosenthal who is the founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or IIN for short, He says that “Bio-Individuality means that there is not a one-size-fits-all diet, each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements”, and Isn’t he right though? I mean take a look at some of the diet programs approach and look for reviews of people who did try them out, some would say that it works wonders for them but some others react negatively to it, and it’s not because of the diet itself, in fact, nothing could be wrong with it, but because of the approach that they think it would do wonders for a lot of people when it’s not, people would then start to question its effectivity, but as I have mentioned, Not everyone is born the same, all of us are different individuals so what diet would work for other people wouldn’t work for some others.

Let’s put it this way if you’re following the diet of your favorite social media personality to have the same body shape as them and adopt their lifestyle into your lifestyle, but then it turns out that it doesn’t work wonders as to what you expected, then well, it’s because of the things that factors ‘bio-individuality’ that I mentioned above.

Ask yourself first what do you think is the biggest determining factor of why you couldn’t make their diet work quite like they supposed to do on your favorite social media personality? Is it because of your approach? Or is it because of one of the main factors of ‘bio-individuality’ that contributes and influences on how it will work out? If you knew all along that you aren’t really similar to the size, age, body structure of these people, and the diets they follow then why are you following their lifestyle and making it your own?  If you’re a teenager and you follow the diets and lifestyle completely of adults you look upon and idolized, don’t be misled entirely, instead just take their advice and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

It’s okay to be inspired and motivated with these people but you have to know where you draw the line between what you are completely following and allowing to adopt as your lifestyle because you never know what risk you are putting in your body that could affect your health in a bad way.

Following a diet program may or may not work best for you as well especially if you’re just following a diet that you don’t know anything about. First, you have to know how much they would work on your type, how much of a risk it would put in your body that comes along with these diets, and how you will become healthier than before and lead a healthy lifestyle instead of harming your body. There are some diets that follow a one-size-fits-all approach to their programs and it shouldn’t be anything like that. You might never know if some of the foods that are allowed for you to consume in that certain diet program are the foods you are allergic to, or if you have a food intolerance that reacts unusually to specific types of food. 

What I would suggest is to see a nutritionist or a dietician that could help you in following good nutrition as they can determine the nutritional requirements according to your body structure, age, metabolism, and lifestyle, basically what factors bio-individuality. Again, there’s no perfect diet and what works for everyone may not work for you. If an athlete follows a diet to bulk up and if you follow it as well thinking that you will also bulk up but gain weight instead, or if you’re wanting to lose weight and follow a diet that would help you lose weight but gives you nutritional deficiencies, then stop right there and just ask your nutritionist or dietician to help guide you for the right foods to consume and lead you towards a healthier path.

By having the awareness of your body, you are capable of knowing your own Bio individuality and easily determine the right diet that fits best with you. To improve your health, it is your responsibility to know what would be good or bad for you, if you can’t have a nutritionist or a dietician to guide you, then always do research especially if you don’t know anything about how dieting works and how each individual differs from another (bio-individuality), basically, just be aware of what you are allowing in your body, and see how positively or negatively your body will react to the foods you are consuming. Do not look for solutions that do not last and do not settle for the diet that does more harm than good. Listen to your body and tap into your own bio-individuality.


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