What Happens When You Stop Sugar Eating

No wonder that white processed sugar is pretty bad for your health. But how are you going to cut sugar from your diet for good? For a while, those who have been a Paleo know how amazing they feel when they reduce sugar, and everybody knows that for diabetics it’s a big no-no. But what about all the rest? Will they try to absolutely cut back on sugar, or just restrict their intake? Is sugar that bad? Sugar comes in different types, and if you eat some sort of refined or already cooked food, it’s almost difficult to stop it. So what does one do? Are those sugars worse than others? And how are you stopping it? For you, not all sugar is bad. Natural sources such as fruit, honey, and maple syrup are not as harmful as HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and refined sugars, but they can also be overdone. To eliminate all sugar, there’s no need to take all the fruit out of your diet; you will give up all those antioxidants, phytochemicals, fiber, minerals, and vitamins at the same time. So, we’re going to look at the risks here and what happens when you stop eating sugar. Then I’ll also give you some quick suggestions on what to eat to reduce your intake of sugar instead.

You’re going to feel happier.

You can be shocked to hear that it will make it easier to cut back on sugar. We also equate indulging sugar treats with optimistic and pleasant feelings, after all. Yet, what you do not note is that your mood dips and you begin to crave sugar again a few hours after consuming sugar. Eating more sugary foods is the only way to fulfill this appetite and boost the mood again, which then begins the cycle again. The long-term outcome is that after consuming sugar followed by an extended dip in emotions, you experience a temporary increase in happiness. This eventually leads to you becoming addicted and dependent on sugar for pleasure. Studies have shown that intake of sugar can contribute to depression.

What to eat instead

If you’ve relied on sugar in the past to raise your mood, you’re probably wondering what to eat instead. The good news is that to change your mood in a healthy and lasting way, there are plenty of foods you can consume. The list below details the best foods for happiness that you should eat:

Brazil nuts

 A strong nutrient when it comes to raising depression, anxiety, and your mood, Brazil nuts are filled with selenium. Currently, Brazilian nuts are the #1 source of selenium in food. It is still preferable to get selenium from food sources for supplementation! So, for improved satisfaction and a lower risk of depression, eat two brazil nuts per day.


Oatmeal has a soothing effect of grounding, smoothing out metabolic functions. It doesn’t just physically warm you up, it can also give you a warm and peaceful mental feeling. The explanation is that it contains high fiber levels that control the levels of blood glucose to keep you feeling cheerful all the time.


Oysters have been considered an aphrodisiac for a long time. That’s because they contain high levels of zinc, an essential brain health nutrient associated with mood and memory improvements. They also have high levels of tyrosine, a hormone that helps keep depression in check and boosts the mood. Also, oysters are low in calories and minimize inflammation. They are rich in vital nutrients such as fatty acids like Omega-3.

You’re going to get more energy

The preferred energy source for your body is carbohydrates. So it may seem confusing to hear that cutting back on sugar (the simplest type of carbohydrate) will increase your energy levels. Although your energy levels will indeed rise when you consume sugar… this impact is only temporary and will eventually lead to an energy level crash a few hours later. These sugar crashes are getting more and more serious over time and your total energy levels are declining. You have become dependent on sugar for energy and you feel exhausted and depleted without it. Thus, sugar is not your solution if you want healthy, long-term changes in your energy levels.

What to eat instead

There are plenty of foods free of low sugar or sugar out there that will increase your levels of energy. The following segment highlights the best foods and beverages that you can eat for energy:

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green tea is another energy drink with zero calories and zero sugar. You get an immediate energy boost with the caffeine in matcha green tea. Meanwhile, to help conserve long-term resources, its flavonoids promote energy production.


Bananas are a reliable, natural glucose, fructose, and sucrose + fiber-packed energy food. For a sound snack that will keep you humming until lunchtime, slice one into your morning oatmeal or top with almond butter.


There is no sugar and no calories in coffee and when it comes to mood raising, it is magic. It contains high amounts of caffeine, a drug that activates the nervous system and provides you with an immediate boost of energy. Coffee is a genius source of caffeine acid-a a nutrient that stabilizes the levels of blood glucose and helps prevent energy crashes. Moderation is the secret to coffee. There are no more than 2 cups of moderation a day.

Gonna Lose Weight

The leading cause of weight gain is sugar. Sugar makes you more likely to gain weight, although it provides the same amount of calories per gram as other healthy foods. Firstly, sugar is a highly addictive drug that activates the areas that trigger cravings in your brain. It makes you a lot more likely to overindulge and over-consume. Second, if there are any other nutrients, refined sugary foods also contain very little. As a consequence, consuming sugary foods hardly fills your appetite, but it also adds to your waistline. Finally, sugar is often added to beverages and eaten with liquid calories. This makes it very easy to drink hundreds or thousands of calories of sugar in a day without even understanding it. And be conscious… If you drink alcohol, know that there’s a lot of sugar in it!

What to eat instead

Cutting back on sugar is a perfect way to start losing weight and within a few days, you can start to see weight loss. But if you want to help step up your attempts at weight loss, consider adding the following foods to your diet as well:

Brown Rice

Brown rice can be used in many different meals as a tasty, versatile, and satisfying snack. It is one of the best sources of complicated carbohydrates for food. To stop you from getting hungry between meals, complex carbs are slowly released into your bloodstream.

Chia Seeds

Rich in healthy fats, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc, Chia seeds are low in calories. When you’re diabetic, they will also help you regulate your blood sugar. Chia seed composition helps the body to more slowly transform food into sugars. This results in a more stable type of sugar that can be used and repaired by the body for heat. These small seeds contain no sugar in any form, so they are healthy to be used in diabetic diets.


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