The Ultimate Guide to keeping yourself motivated

Motivation can give you the extra boost to get things done, but when you need it, it doesn’t always come. Give yourself some inspiration to keep working if you’re struggling to start or complete a mission. A little bit of pressure will help to hold you honest, so ask a peer, family member, or community. Make sure that you have simple and manageable targets as you aim to accomplish long-term plans to retain your motivation in the process.

One of the hardest tasks ever is to remain motivated and stay inspired. Did you wake up late, procrastinate, all the work? You may have been scouring the web searching for tips about how to improve productivity, but ultimately anything you have found and tried so far becomes tedious and ineffective. You’re not the only one out there. Don’t worry. Maybe you let yourself give in to the online people that say it’s time to “take a break” and “take it easy,” but you’re really the kind of person that runs on the mentality of “go-getter”.

I get 100% that individuals are going through this time differently, so if that’s what you need right now, make sure to give yourself that break by all means. Of course, not forever, but taking those breaks in moderation.

Waking up early, getting tons done, and then making yourself relax afterward will make you feel more motivated the next day. So try to do it if you will?

Having said that, Let me present you with the ultimate guide to being inspired and motivated in life.

  • Recall the inspiration you had in the first place

If you have decided to do something, you probably have a good reason for it. Writing down this reason or saying it out loud (thinking will not be enough here, believe me) makes that information actively reprocessed by your brain. If your target is interesting to you, after this exercise, you will feel a little more inspired to be efficient.

What if your reason for doing is that your boss told you so? Remind yourself of the general ambitions you have in your job: being promoted, getting a raise… You have to demonstrate your motivation and be effective if you want to achieve that.

For learning, the same goes. You’ll have to do the job if you want decent grades or even just a diploma. And if you can’t find any compelling reason to do the job you’re supposed to do, no matter how hard you try, maybe it’s not that important after all. Maybe you’re chasing your old goal, which is no longer exciting for you. Or you’re pursuing the target of someone else that you thought was yours too (in a future post, I’ll touch on that). In that scenario, spend some time re-evaluating and do not bother to do anything that does not really make sense.

  • Got a Vision

It can be very beneficial to have a vision of who you want to be and what you want to have to help direct your decisions when you need to motivate yourself. I go back to my vision when I feel kind of blah, and it makes me feel inspired again.

Sit in a quiet space in order to access the vision, close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, and visualize the best image of yourself or your life as if it were the present. Where are you located? What are you doing each day that enhances your life? How are you clothed? What does it look like in your home? Where did you travel? This visualization is something I want to do at least once a week. This can also be written down and you can make a vision board. If it’s a dream house, vehicle, holiday, workspace, body, etc., find pictures that reflect your goals.

  • Break it down

Chances are that you can break it down into smaller pieces, no matter how large or small your target is. If it’s so tiny that you may not be able to break it down, just do it right away. The reason we want to break it down is that it can make big assignments feel daunting and you don’t make much progress. If you see little, really manageable bites instead, you can’t help but get inspired. It will all of a sudden look so much more doable! “Sounds so unattainable, “working out and getting fit. ‘Work out every day this week for 5 minutes’ is a totally different story, isn’t it?


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