The Stress and Anxiety effects of the coronavirus

With the global outbreak that is happening around the world, the spread of the novel coronavirus to be exact, it affects not only the lives of those vulnerable and at-risk but also to millions of us that are experiencing stress and anxiety that has developed along the way, and because of this pandemic, everyone has come to find a way to cope up with the situation whether rich or poor. Everyone must come together as one, to not have the virus spread all over which result in more people being put at risk and so, the government implemented a lockdown protocol that prevents people from leaving their houses and to social isolate as they issued an order to let everyone stay inside. Each state although is different, is still handling the pandemic accordingly depending on how bad the country is at stake, and how much the numbers are increasing as other countries are stricter and more inclined to an enhanced community quarantine which is effectively a total lockdown.

As the government finds a way for a solution, the lockdown has been implemented for the safety of the people which leaves us to stay mostly inside our homes, but how can people stayed peacefully at their homes without nothing to worry about when they acknowledged the horror of everything that is currently happening?. We all know for a fact that a pandemic like this hit the poorest and the most vulnerable the hardest, because not everyone is privileged to live a life out of luxury, and not everyone can afford not to go out and work. And since the coronavirus outbreak, People are experiencing despair and distress because the pandemic itself is causing a financial impact since the lockdown began. The workers have been put to hold because of the work cancellations and because of this, people are losing jobs during the quarantine with no passive income, affecting especially those working on a contractual basis. With the additional stress surrounding the pandemic and anxiety that can be severe right now and the reported negative psychological effects including post-traumatic stress symptoms, confusion, and anger in which likely have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing due to lost wages, people starving cause of a lack of food, school closures, and social isolation. The health and government officials should not only seek resources to treat patients with the coronavirus itself but consider each and every one of us that is highly concerned with their mental wellbeing aspects and address the poor who is suffering the most in this situation.

People are arguing and protesting to the government about their benefits and the constant worrying about the food they’re going to eat the next day, relying solely on the government to do their job well, people are becoming more agitated towards the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and people are filled with questions on when it will all be over and how soon they should live their life back to normal without all the commotion that is happening as everyone is panicking, hoarding all the necessities in the groceries which leaves the poor to not have an advantage during the situation. And while people across the world are worrying about the stresses from the virus, Others are worrying about their safety because of certain circumstances of domestic violence happening at their own home and since we are being forced to stay at home it makes them not being able to get away from their abuser which makes them more vulnerable in times like this as well as the people who have existing diseases and medical conditions which makes them less able to seek treatment on the outside because of the fear around the spread of the virus among them.

Perhaps, the only good thing that the coronavirus has brought was how much it affects the environment., since the lockdown, the motorways are cleared without much traffic and almost no one can be seen outside of a city working, as the factories and industrial centers are closed, the air pollution decreases which means cleaner air and the skies are blue again. Hopefully not for temporarily, but of course after all of this is over, everything is going to be back to what it was before, So embrace it while it lasted, but hopefully this would become our lesson, that in order to live a healthier life we must acknowledge the pollution, and what is happening as well in our environment.

Moreover, in times like this, we should appreciate and be grateful for what we have, as long as we have food and the comforts of our home without much materialism that’s all we need to survive. that even if we lived a simple life like what it was back in the day, it wouldn’t matter because at the end of the day the simple things are what we only needed in life.

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