The importance of Developing Self-Awareness to become self-aware

Self-awareness is about being able to get into a deeper understanding of yourself, with your thoughts, the way you act and behave on certain things and how you chose to respond to others. It’s about how much you’ve grown as a person, because the more you become cognizant or conscious of the way you act, speak and think, the more you realize that you are prospering into becoming the better version of yourself.

You probably knew how we as an individual all acted differently than others because we all have different levels of perception and understanding. There are some people whose self-awareness is not yet fully develop so, in turn, is not totally aware and could lose control of themselves. They may unable to control all their feelings and emotions and how they should act like, and they never tend to monitor what they say, runs their mouth all the time and never paid attention to others sensitivity, they believe that whatever they say is the right thing to say even when it is not, that they ended up hurting them, they believe that by always being truthful to others with their words they are also being truthful to themselves but it doesn’t work that way.

Becoming self-aware is not only about the way you perceive yourself, but it’s also about how others perceive you because your perception of others is the way you see yourself, it is often a reflection of how they see you, so if you were in their position do you think that by being insensitive to other person’s feelings is how you wanted them to view you as a person? Of course, it is not. when you are like that, you are likely showing them that you yourself haven’t even fully develop your self-awareness yet, but when you put yourself in their position and began to limit your words, you now understood that there are some people that can misinterpret you.

There are some people who also have a hard time accepting criticism, while others use that same criticism and view it as a ‘constructive criticism’ which is a way to always improve themselves. Those people are self-aware, they do not react badly to what others view them off, they never have anger towards the people that says those words and instead use it as a motivation to continue working hard on themself and prosper.

Keep this in mind, When you are self-aware you become more open to the possibilities of growth, you become aware of what you want and how you can be able to reach your dreams, you have loved and accepted your flaws and mistakes that you can always correct it once you are open to improving and not be stuck in a situation where you don’t see growth, you understand yourself and what you want that you do not settle for less than what you deserved because you’re already aware of everything that you are feeling and you finally know how you can deal with all of those emotions and what is coming in your way. In short, you develop the qualities that can become the better you.  

But how can you actually develop your self-awareness? How can your consciousness levels reach to such an extent that can transform and change your way of thinking for a good living? Well, in this list down below I am showing you ways to radically improve your life by becoming self-aware.

Here’s 5 ways how

  1. Reflect –  Reflect on your experiences, your past mistakes and by that you will realize a lot of things that you shouldn’t have done or said because you will then acknowledge how much you don’t want to do those things again and in turn could make you change the way you act and present yourself to others from now on.

  2. Be curious and open to new discoveries – Do you ever have a question on your mind which is always bothering you that you wanted to find the answer to it, but can’t since you don’t want to confuse yourself? How about wanting to learn something new that you haven’t before to enhance your capabilities? Well, you always have the answer to everything, if you think some things confuse you, how about you expand your learnings by doing research about the thing that you have in mind? Widen your horizons, seek out new experiences, think about how things work, especially if your experience is just limited to what you know, get out of your comfort zone and be open to new things to develop your mindset because to improve yourself includes the actual experience of learning through something, you wouldn’t grow unless you tried to develop some things in life.  

  3. Put yourself in other people’s position – As I have said at the beginning of this article, you have to become sensitive to other people’s feelings as well because there are some people who do not have the same level of self-awareness in them, unlike you. Some are just on the process of developing their awareness and some aren’t at all.

  4. Build Self – Worth and Confidence – Without Building self-confidence and self-worth within yourself, you are allowing yourself to settle to things that are not even worth your time or not do things at all because you’re afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. Once you become self-aware, you have learned to love and believe in yourself, because you are only wanting what’s best for you, you improved yourself any chance that you can because you’re already aware of what you can do, having said that, you can’t fully become confident and love yourself the way you are, without being self- aware.

  5. Acknowledge your emotions – its okay to feel vulnerable at times because that’s how you become aware of your emotions. How much you express it is how much you let it out. Don’t worry, it never lasts, but being able to understand your feelings for each moment makes you more aware of yourself, because it will make you become stronger, so the next time you experience it, you will never find yourself in the same position as bad as you were once. These emotions are making you figure yourself out as they provide insights that allow you to take responsive action and change you for the better.


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