Pros and Cons of having a perfectionist attitude

Do you often seek to achieve a perfect standard in every work that you do? Or do you have a desire to be perfect in certain areas of your life? If so you might be a perfectionist. 

 “A perfectionist is defined as someone who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection” In other words, they refuse to do anything that is not as good as it could possibly be, even if it is already good enough to others.

If you are a perfectionist, you might think that you have to be perfect at everything that you do because it can help a person to succeed in life with their higher standards, and while it might be true in some cases as there are positive impacts that a perfectionism brings, being a perfectionist isn’t always a good thing, nor is it a bad thing, there are pros and cons to every situation, and it all depends on the amount of perfectionism a person has.

While there are some advantages to perfectionism, there are also many problems associated with having a perfectionist personality, and in this article were going to be tackling the pros and cons of perfectionism and explaining in detail why.

The Pros 

  1. Have better attention to details – Perfectionist pay attention to details. They can see mistakes in even the smallest detail possible and are likely to go the extra mile in order for it to be polished and be better. They add details to the work that they do that others wouldn’t even think of doing. They make sure that everything that they do would exceed beyond expected results as they are excellent in correcting and improving tiny bits of details that would have even been overlooked by many.
  1. Higher Standards to everything – perfectionists tend to have higher personal standards than most people. They are likely to set a nearly-impossible standard for themselves and of others. They will realize that they have a much higher standard than other people they meet. This will be a big factor when finding relationships, friendships, partnerships, etc. 
  1. A more polished end result – perfectionists are willing to try to do something over and over again until the result becomes better as they expected. They put their time and patience to perfect their work in such a way that people would be in awe and surprised by how the final result turned out to be.
  1. Perfectionists go the extra mile – They may be willing to work for long hours just to perfect whatever it is that they do to deliver the best possible results. They will also likely contribute some additional work.
  1. Perfectionism can increase the level of perseverance – perfectionist can increase their overall level of perseverance by a lot. They will try their best to get things done in order for them to reach the goals they had in mind and will push through difficult periods even if other people had already given up.

The Cons

  1. Overthinks a lot & have plenty of unnecessary pressure – Perfectionists often overthink even the smallest detail and puts pressure on themselves to make everything better even if it already looks best to other people. It can sometimes be unnecessary since some aspects of work don’t really demand perfection especially when it’s at its early stage of development. For instance, web designers need to report from time to time to the development head at first to make suggestions and decisions, and since perfectionist already thinks of making changes to things just because they don’t like it and is not their forte, it, in turn, would lead to lots of redo-ing when the head would not approve of the changes made.
  1. Fear of not being able to achieve goals – Perfectionists tends to push themselves to the limit towards achieving their goals and desire that they had for themselves because they are fearful of failure. They don’t want their dreams to not be achieved as expected or hope for because they don’t want their perfectly set goals to become a failure.
  1. Lower Productivity – perfectionists often get so wrapped up in the details of their work that they don’t finish the other important things that they would also need to do. They might spend days working on one particular aspect of a project and would end up missing deadlines for other things because they were too focused on the one thing that they currently pay attention to. They can’t basically move on to the next project without perfecting the current phase of their work.  

With that being said, perfectionists would waste their time and energy to do these little things and have no control over their ability to walk away from a task even when it is already perfect for some. In turn, they would likely achieve less and stress more

  1. Can’t deal with imperfect things – Perfectionists beat themselves up way too often in a rather absurd manner especially if they made a mistake, however, small it might be. In fact, perfectionism can lead to high levels of unhappiness since perfectionists cannot deal with imperfect things. They may be frustrated when they did not achieve the results that they want which would make them feel unhappy in the long run not until they reach the level of perfectionism they desire.
  1. Mental issues related to perfectionism – Perfectionists would always want far too much in regards to achieving their high standard goals, that when something resulted to less than perfection, it would, in turn, be seen as a failure to them and nothing more. When they did not achieve their said goals, they can become quite sad and desperate which may result in serious depression if not treated well. Moreover, perfectionists also suffer from sleep deprivation since they want to achieve as many things as possible which would also increase the risk of mental issues to arise even further.


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