New Year New You, 7 habits that could improve your life in 2021

Start your 2021 with a bang as you go through changes in your lifestyle by removing certain habits that don’t bring any good into your life and replacing them with life-changing habits that can transform and bring success all throughout the year.

If you badly needed the change in order to become the person you desire to be because you think that you haven’t done anything worthwhile this year, then don’t hesitate to do so in the New Year since the start of the year is always a good way to transform your life for the better

Remember, a new year means a new beginning where it’s time to unfold new pages and start a new chapter in your life. So whatever you have done before that you are not so proud of, leave all of the happenings behind in the previous year and never ever look back.

Always welcome a new beginning upon entering a brand new year, and with that said, do something that your future self will thank you for, which is forming habits that will basically improve and transform your life and help you reach for success.

Having said that, I listed below the 7 powerful habits you can start doing that will be beneficial for your improvement and success within the next year. 

  1. Taking care of your mental health by going for a social media detox – Allow yourself to relax by de-stressing and limiting your social media use. Put away your phone or laptop if you don’t necessarily use it, unless if it’s something important, as it is not good for your mental health because Research shows that the more time we spend on social media, the more we are likely to develop depression.  

Limit your usage of electronics and do not spend a significant amount of time with them each day if you can. I know this is incredibly hard to do now especially since we are living in an age where the digital world has taken over in every aspect of our life, but doing this not only improves the mental health of a person but is also good for the physical health as well because for instance, stress caused by mental clutter is linked to major illnesses and diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

  1. The habit of Putting Yourself First – By practicing self-care, you are already putting yourself first. Tell yourself why you are important and do something that will make you happy and help you improve your life for the better. Do something that will make you feel good about yourself whether it might be learning a new skill that you always wanted to learn, having a nice meal, or practicing a skincare routine, etc. whatever it might be make sure that you are benefitting from it.

  1. Being Grateful and start appreciating more– Start a Daily Gratitude practice to train your brain to constantly look for the good that is happening in your life to not take it for granted. Each one of us is fortunate in ways that others are not, and I know that it is easy to get caught up with other people’s successes but it is time to appreciate every little thing that we have and the loved ones that are still with us each day. By starting to appreciate the little joys of life, the happier you are going to become as it creates positivity, removes stress, and improves your way of life 

Remind yourself each day what you are grateful for every time you are going to bed. Write in a journal and practice this habit to be happier in life. 

  1. Making your bed – Whenever you wake up each day, do not leave your bed messy, and instead, make your bed! Your physical surroundings have a huge impact on your state of mind and making your bed encourages you to be organized for the rest of the day as well as improve your mood. You can’t be calm, relaxed, and focus when you are disorganized, so making your bed is the first step to practicing organization skills and making it a habit.

  1. Not being self-absorbed and is open to learning – Spend some time reading or researching topics that you are interested in and learn something new every day, if reading isn’t your forte, consider learning via platforms such as podcasts, audiobooks, or videos, as these formats are very handy especially in today’s time. These are also very helpful when traveling or commuting, that instead of having your time wasted, you will have a productive time gaining new knowledge. 

Another way to learn something new is through the people you talked to or meet every day. Be a listener and don’t be too self-absorbed as you will also gain knowledge through other people’s experiences or advice. Also, don’t be afraid to ask, as they can teach you a thing or two about things you haven’t experience before such as overcoming challenging situations, etc.  

  1. Focusing on one thing at a time – While there is no harm in occasional multitasking, sometimes constant juggling between tasks would limit your focus and would only cause mental clutter as it makes it hard for your brain to filter out irrelevant information. According to research conducted by Stanford University, heavy multitasking can lower efficiency and may also impair the cognitive control of a person. Having said that, it is important to focus on one single task before moving on to the next as much as possible. Try to make a list of things that you need to accomplish in a day. Manage your time and start with the most important task all the way to the least. 

  1. Quit hanging out with negative people and stop being a people pleaser – You cannot please everyone, so stop being such a people pleaser that you ended up not cutting these people out in your life and instead, hang out and surround yourself only with those that brings you good in your life. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people that accept you for who you are and Let go of relationships that bring you down instead of lifting you up. You do not need to change yourself for people to like you because the right people will care for you no matter who you are and what you have. 

You should carefully consider who you’re spending time with.  


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