Lose weight with these 5 best weight-loss diets

Losing weight and maintaining it can be one of the hardest things to do for some people when they are starting a healthy lifestyle journey and setting fitness goals to achieve, while it isn’t necessarily hard, you had to have a committed and driven mindset to reach that goal of losing weight especially if you have a body type that is an ‘endomorph’ with a high tendency to store body fat, thus, can make you struggle and face difficulties with weight loss. With that said, losing weight depends on your body type as there are diets or even workout plans that work best with other people as the body type is influencing how well your body’s metabolism will respond to these certain aspects. For instance, if you are an ectomorph, you are typically a skinny person who is likely to be a hard gainer who can lose fat easily as you have a fast metabolism and find it very hard to gain weight and thus, might need to develop an eating habit with a huge amount of calories to be able to get to the body you desired to have. Another body type is called Mesomorph which is considered the best body type of the three as they have that natural physique that they wouldn’t have a problem when losing or gaining weight as they can easily get back to the shape they once were. And lastly, if you are an ‘endomorph’, you might find it really hard to lose weight because of a slow metabolism and having more of that body fat ratio built, in which, therefore, you might need some guidance especially when you wanted to lose weight but find it hard to do so. In this article, we are discussing ways on how to lose weight better without depriving yourself of foods and it’s nutrition by going on a diet that benefits and aids with weight loss. Having said that, here are some of the best weight-loss diets that can help you bring out the best physique you’d ever dream of.

Choose a diet plan that has a low carb ratio as they restrict carb intake which encourages your body to use more fat as fuel. .  Studies had shown that low-carb diets without the need for calorie counting are one of the most effective ways to lose weight and it also offers many other health benefits that can lead to various health improvements

  1. Ketogenic diet

 A Ketogenic diet is a diet plan that has a low carb, high-fat diet that reduces carbohydrate intake and causes the body to release ketones into the bloodstream and replacing blood sugar from carbohydrates as the body’s main source of energy. In that case, it’s a process called ‘ketosis’ in which converts and breaks down the stored fatty acids into ketones. It also lowers insulin levels and one of the many diet plans that people use when wanting to lose weight as a ketogenic diet produces ketones and increases fat burning. It is a low carb diet that works well with people who are suffering from obesity according to “Yancy, W. S. Jr. et al”, Annals of Internal Medicine, 2004”, especially when food intake is controlled and followed.

  1. Atkins Diet

Atkins diet is one the diet plans that are usually recommended for weight loss, like the ketogenic diet, Atkin’s also focuses on low carb intake which was founded by a book Dr. Robert C Atkins had written about. According to research from PubMed, the reason why low-carb diets are so effective for weight loss is because of a reduction in carbs and increased protein intake that leads to a reduced in appetite, which makes you eat fewer calories and thus would show improvements fast in weight loss as well as improves blood sugar, triglycerides and other health problems people may encounter. 

  1. Paleo Diet

Another diet that has a low-carb intake is the paleo diet. This diet promotes eating whole unprocessed foods and completely restricts foods that are major sources of calories, such as grains, sugar, dairy, and processed foods which are completely bad for your health. Since this is a low carb, high protein diet like the two diets we’ve mentioned above, you would already know by now how this diet could aid with weight loss.

  1. Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet plan and its lifestyle can help you in losing weight. In this diet, you’ll probably consume most of the plant-based foods but also follow a flexible diet plan that removes your unhealthy eating habits which benefits your health in a good way. Once you stick with this diet, watching your food portions, and get regular workouts, you are a step away to losing weight and living a healthier life.  Remember, Losing weight is all about having the discipline

  1. Weight Watchers Diet

This diet is effective for weight loss as long as you follow their program with ease. This diet is a popular weight-loss plan and has been named the best weight loss diet in U.S News & World Reports’ annual best diet assessment according to WebMD as it focuses on nutritious, low-calorie foods, wellness and building healthy habits over the course of your set fitness goals.

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