Little changes you can make that impacts your healthy lifestyle

Changes do matter especially in the world of a healthy lifestyle, so making a change even in the smallest way possible is a big deal whenever you wanted to lead a healthier life. With that said, by making a simple change, it will eventually become your stepping stone as you adapt and live a new lifestyle because overtime the smallest changes can impact anyone’s motivation and goals and be driven to achieve much more as they grow along over the course of a new lifestyle. People don’t need to start with a bigger change from the get-go as it is easier said than done, so the smallest change of ways is more than enough especially when you were starting out as the little changes can be easier to induce and make a habit while starting up with a big of a change can be sudden and is hard to stick to. Therefore, in improving your life the healthiest ways it could be, here are some smallest changes you can make in your lifestyle to lead a healthier life.

Reading to improve memory and brain function

Ever wonder why people always read newspaper every day in the morning with their coffee before the modern technology of mobile phones took over? It’s because reading motivates people to start their day and while it informs them with current events that is going on in the world, their mind is focused and concentrated which kick starts the brain to be active preparing them for their days ahead. It is also known that the mind is mostly effective generally between 10:00 am to 2:00 p.m. and then again from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m, so you need to start reading during this time to sharpen up your braincells, improve your memory concentration and boost your mental performance.

Engage in SIMPLE Physical Activity such as walking brisk or a simple exercise preferably in the morning

Feeling the rush when you engage in a physical activity is something that you have yet to experience daily. The exhilaration and boost of even doing a simple activity and accomplishing it, makes you feel good to start your day. Saying to Get up early and start your day with an exercise is an understatement, people don’t really ever do it and think it wasn’t as important as what it is. but by starting your day with exercising can surely make a difference in your lifestyle. It brings positive energy as it can make you feel happier, calmer and makes you more motivated, determined and productive to go on with the rest of your day. Although, I know that being up early is sometimes hard to implement, and it is understandable, especially if you always pulled an all-nighter, or is working a nightshift therefore you have a different little timeline than others However, engaging in a simple physical activity at least once daily is not only impossible. If you are working a night shift and you wake up in the afternoon rather than the morning, you can always do it still, there is no exact time on which you would engage in a physical activity as long as you do it once a day, you can start to and once you fall in the habit of doing of this, it will change your life for the better.

Sit and Stand straight

There are lots of health benefits just by sitting and standing straight and it is a part of a good posture. It decreases stress on your spine and it helps prevent abnormal spinal positioning with the circulation to head, neck, upper back, arms and hands, can avoid back pain and give a more relaxed breathing, helps to have a better balance when standing and walking, as well as delay in degenerative spinal changes, less arthritis and pain, less likelihood of headaches and other spinal issues.

Avoid Processed Foods and Oils

By avoiding processed foods and lessen the use of salt, oil, Non veg, tamarind and masalas, it can help decrease the risk of certain medical conditions such as a high blood pressure, liver damage, skin damages and other digestive conditions which is definitely not a good thing when you want to live a healthier lifestyle


Drinking water is good for the body as it rehydrates and fuels the body and helps keep away various sickness and illnesses

Studies showed that by drinking two glasses of water in the morning after waking up it helps activate internal organs. a glass of water thirty minutes before a meal aids in digestion and another one glass of water before going to bed helps to avoid strokes and heart attacks through high blood pressure. You can juice up your water by mixing it with fresh lemon as drinking warm water with squeezed lemon especially in the morning can wake your body slowly and getting out of bed gives a more delightful experience. It is best to use half a lemon if you’re under 150 pounds. If you are heavier than 150 pounds, one whole lemon is suggested. Experts advise people with a fit physique to drink it in two or three gulps in a fairly quick manner. After downing lemon water, don’t take in any food in about half an hour to maximize its benefits.

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