Life’s Do’s and Don’ts (The key to a Healthy Living)

Developing Healthy Habits and evolving as a person are key to a better life so when you apply the do’s and don’ts of life, it not only makes you change your way of living but it also helps you value your life more.  While there are no limits to the do’s and don’ts of life because each one of us has different lifestyles and perspectives, we must still learn how to set healthy boundaries between what is the right thing to do and what is not for ourselves.

Clearly, No one can tell you what you should do and what you shouldn’t because you will figure out the do’s and don’ts of your life after experiencing them yourself, but if you are open to listening to some people that are speaking from experience with their different perspectives of life, and having that willingness to grow, you can definitely find yourself to learn many things that you haven’t known before. In fact, reading a list of articles regarding the do’s and don’ts also raises your knowledge and awareness of few things that you should be doing and what you shouldn’t do to help you live a better life.

Don’t just limit yourself to what you currently know and expand your horizons. Allow yourself to be influenced by these values you learned from and develop knowledge that can change you to be a better human being than ever before.

Having said that, here are the simplest but most important list of the do’s and don’ts of life that can tremendously help you to improve and better your life.


  1. Strive to become better in every aspect of yourself that you’re working on, each day
    Do you not want to see yourself improve and grow as a person you’ve always wanted to become and be the best version of yourself?? Because clearly, everyone wants to but few people actually do it.

    Try to be better than you were the day before. Take a step back, reflect on what you have done yesterday, and what you should do to improve and make yourself better tomorrow. Whatever it is that you are working on, you should always strive to improve.
  1. Live with a purpose – Were all here because we have a purpose, so whatever makes you happy don’t hesitate to do it. When you live with a purpose you always look forward to each day that comes because you know that something exciting awaits you, so find your true purpose, because we are here for a reason.
  1. Meditate – We all lived a very stressful life which in turn could let us make decisions on a whim that we do not necessarily plan on doing, and that’s when meditation comes in, it helps us stay calm, reduce stress, and regain control of life. To meditate is to relax and relaxation has a positive impact on our health, Rest when needed so you can continue with what you are working on the next day with ease. Meditating also helps us develop self-awareness naturally over time, we started to realize what makes sense and what doesn’t. Meditating can help us find the inner peace we solely desire.
  1. Make it a habit to learn new things or improve your skills – Every day we learn something new in life, whether it may be from experience, listening to other people’s guide, or even simply by reading. By learning new things you are helping yourself to learn something that might be of use in the future. You also Develop and broadened your intelligence and awareness that will help you grow as a person.  Always value learning and be the type of person who has a better understanding of life and what it offers.
  1. Always try to see the good in everything – Finding the positivity in every situation helps you brighten your life in a way and make your life fulfilled. Your optimistic attitude makes you live happily because you set your mind to think that everything will always come out good no matter how bad the situation you are facing currently.


  1. Don’t spend time with negative people or being in a toxic environment – Spending time with someone negative eventually gets you down as well. Remember the people you spend the most time with influence your thoughts and attitude and our environment influences our success, so don’t hesitate to walk away to focus on the positive.   
  1. Don’t let emotions affect you – Never let anger and other emotions rule you, it’s a powerful and negative thing that can take your peace away. Your mood determines how you act when you deal with people or challenges that you can encounter. Don’t let it control you because by how much you have your emotions under control is how much you can control yourself accordingly.  
  1. Don’t Procrastinate – Stop procrastinating, you can’t accomplish things when you always procrastinate. If you procrastinate too much over something, it can make you unable to focus and make it hard to aim for a deadline which leads to failure. Instead, try to be productive daily and work hard on whatever it is that you want to achieve.
  1. Don’t Overthink and Don’t dwell on the past –  Don’t think of past failures and mistakes and stop overthinking about it. Think of the future ahead of you and forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have done before, it’s all in the past. Learn from your mistakes and build a better future out of it.
  1. Don’t give up on yourself – Don’t lose hope and give up quickly. You’re a work in progress. If you fail once it’s okay to stand back up again and work on yourself. Just think that the failure that you encountered brings something that can be quite useful to you as it teaches valuable lessons in life that can help you grow and evolve in the first place. 


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