How to stay productive without being overworked

Everyone is always busy with their work and the tasks they do at home that many people felt burnt out and tired of the daily routines they have been doing all their life, and although doing all these tasks at once is quite productive as it sounds you might want to avoid overworking and the exhaustion that comes with it. With that said, many people have got used to what they are doing every day that whenever there comes a day off they just won’t want to do anything anymore and when it’s time to do the tasks again, they feel bored and unhappy of what they are doing so what happens is they tend to quit and just lay off in their couch and watch TV without having a day of productivity. Having said that, there is actually nothing wrong with taking a break and relaxing a bit, but when you do it often and your tasks are compromised, it is then time that you have to realize that in order to finish a certain task you have to be productive of the things you do and make sure that you really want and happy of what you’re doing because when you aren’t then productivity is not the question of why you don’t want to do it. To be bored in a task is part of our life especially if what we’re doing is repetitive, so in order to get out of the boredoms we feel we have to engage ourselves into several productive things we really want to achieve no matter how little or big it is. For instance, if you’re thinking of wanting to write a blog, you can definitely achieve it, as long as you provide a little bit of time to finish it, you’ll definitely can.

Keep in mind that overworking doesn’t necessarily mean that you are productive with what you are doing, especially if the outcome is not a quality work and you don’t enjoy the process and the output of what you did. If you are always busy with your work and have little time to get by in things you are passionate about, you can start something small and it would still result in a great output and productivity mainly because you liked every single part of the process of that passion you’re working on.

Here’s ways of how you can stay productive in your home and work life to break out and overcome laziness.

  • Manage Your Time Schedule – If you are working a 9 to 5 job, I’d get that it’s pretty tough to handle being productive on other tasks when you get home, especially if you had used your energy in the day and you come home tired and exhausted. While you can still do other things in your home that is productive for sure, you can try to manage your daily work after you got home from your job. For instance, you can do laundry on this day and do the cleaning the other day, which could totally help you on staying productive and finish the tasks you are doing while still not being overworked.
  • Pick the time to relax – It’s okay to take a break to re-energize and work on other productive things throughout the day by picking the time for when you need to relax.
  • Plan the task ahead – You have to list down certain tasks you need to do in a week and if you had a checkboard, it can be quite helpful to you to check out things you have finished doing, that way, you are monitoring all the tasks you need to be done and achieve in a week which could make you productive of the process.
  • Track your progress – Analyze your goals by tracking the progress that you have made. By doing this, you are not only setting your priorities straight but you are also a step ahead when achieving your desired goals.
  • Eliminate distractions – Set aside gadgets that cause distractions if you do not need to use it, as well as being in the right surroundings that don’t bother you and make you focus on your tasks. Not only did it keep our minds occupied but also make us unfocused which will result in bad quality of work especially if you are working on something important like a creative work of making presentations and etc.
  • Inspire yourself through others – Whether you are watching a motivational video of your favorite actors, influencers, YouTubers, or just being inspired by all of their work, you are making yourself motivated and be productive to do the things you aspire on doing, that way productivity comes easy.
  • Learn from mistakes and grow – There isn’t anybody on earth that doesn’t experience setbacks and failures, so if you are one to work on a career that is very critic of your work such as the art field, you have to accept criticisms and instead use it as a way to improve yourself and double the amount of productivity you put into your work.
  • Be optimistic towards everything – If you have a negative mindset that always thinks you can’t get anything done, then you are only manifesting the negative aspects of your life. Instead of being negative towards yourself how about you start thinking positively of everything and stop the inner voice in you that says you can’t and replace it with ‘you can’ and ‘you will’,  that way you are not only motivating yourself but you can also think of doing the goals you set yourself and be productive with it. 

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