How to Glow Up in a Week – 7 days Glow Up Challenge

A Glow up refers to a transformation of oneself for the better, it should not only be limited to improving physical looks but also improve the way you feel inside. A glow up is something that makes you glow from within by following good habits that makes you become a better person in the process.

Some people are glowing up after a breakup or after a stressful event that has happened in their life. They finally want to start doing something to make themselves a priority and thus, began an empowering transformation that would help them become the best version of themselves.

If you are one of them, then these habits I will be mentioning below are some of the things you need to be mindful of when you are starting a glow-up challenge. Whether it would be for a year, a month, or even for a week it doesn’t matter as long as you are practicing to apply the habits and do them on a daily basis, you will always see a positive result.

Instant glow is attainable as long as you follow good habits that can lead you to achieve a glow up in a week. It doesn’t necessarily take time before you see a big change as it is possible to get a glow-up especially if you are dedicated to make yourself a priority, make a conscious effort to take care of yourself and practicing routines that can be important to you. Self-care is indeed a must, so by allowing yourself to put a little effort into your appearance you are telling yourself that you are important and you are making yourself a priority.  

With that said, these habits that will be mentioned below are some of the habits you need to be conscious of when doing a Glow Up challenge. I will be sharing tips as well as why you should do each one of these habits and how they can be reliable for a glow up. You can start having these habits in your routine for 7 days and you will already see positive results. Continue to do these long term to develop and boost your self-confidence within yourself and feel better than you were before.

After doing this glow-up challenge in a week you will definitely feel physically better, look prettier, organized and you will also develop healthy habits in the long run.

Having said that, here are the habits you need to do each day for a week or so… to get a glow up

  • Drinking enough water – keeping yourself hydrated is the key to get clear skin. It keeps the skin cells hydrated and moisturized that can help prevent blemishes, pimples, and wrinkles to show up.
    By drinking plenty of water daily your skin will have a radiant glow, but if you are not getting the sufficient amount of water your body and skin needs, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight, and flaky which is more prone to wrinkling because dry skin has less resilience
  • Don’t forget to Smile or Laugh Daily – A good company that makes you happy is important to surround yourself with especially in this day and age where we are used to living with mundane and stressful life. So if you have friends that make you laugh keep them. Smile when you are having a rough day, and always turn that frown upside down. Smile at strangers, your officemates, and just be happy always and they will definitely see a big glow in you.
  • Drink 2 cups of green tea everyday – green teas are known for many health benefits and one of them is its role to improve skin quality and maintaining the health of it, giving you a healthy natural glow.
  • Improve Hygiene – personal hygiene is important to feel radiant. By always making sure you are taking good care of your hygiene, you are allowing yourself to be refreshed and feel clean each day. Always Take a bath or shower each day and moisturize, don’t skip a day without doing so. It not only improves your mood but also gives you a comforting experience, cleansed skin, and feel purified and renewed.
  • Follow a Skin Care routine – A Skin Care routine can improve your skin in a week giving you a glow-up but you need to maintain the skincare routine you have and follow it regularly to keep it healthy and glowy for long. My suggestions are to apply a face mask at least twice a week, wash your face every morning and night, and choose skin care products that are right for your skin type.
  • Always look put together – your choice of clothes should reflect the real you. What you wear says something about your personality. A person’s clothes say a lot about the person wearing them. So make an effort to look good by choosing the right clothes to wear for yourself as it has the power to alter your attitude towards yourself. It can make you feel pretty, confident, and in control or the opposite.
  • Do 20-30 squats each day or at least a 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week – Regular exercise gives you a healthy glowing look that you definitely want to achieve. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight and lose unnecessary fats that you have in your body.
  • Follow a hair care routine – hair care is just as important as skincare, people will always notice your hair and how it looks on you, so you don’t want it to look dry and frizzy as possible. by taking care of it each day and applying good products that protect your hair, it would complete the perfect look you desire and give you an incredible transformation.
  • Eat 1-2 servings of fresh fruits – Most Fruits have Vitamin C that gives the skin glow. It helps promote radiant skin and helps blemishes or scars heal properly. Glowing Up starts with the nutrients of the foods you eat, so don’t forget to include fruits in your diet.


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