How to be more consistent with your Life Goals

Consistency is the key to success. You have to be fully dedicated to each task that you do to achieve your goals and succeed. It requires a commitment to be done on your part by developing habits that you need to do on a daily basis.

Having said that, some people may find it difficult to stay consistent and are likely to struggle with the idea to do so. The number one reason was that some people want immediate and quick results from their actions in everything that they do, however, being consistent isn’t something that one should do on a short term basis as building habits isn’t something that can be developed overnight, it’s a matter of progress and improvements through step by step process that can evolve throughout months and can even lead to many years.  You constantly developed and advance your skills because of the amount of consistency you are putting towards it through practice and repetitions.

The more you are putting consistent efforts into each task or skill that you do, the more you are likely to achieve your goals and succeed in it.

Nonetheless, to be more consistent with your goals you don’t need to force yourself to take action especially if you are lacking the motivation and willpower to do so. Because to be more consistent, you have to love what you do first, as taking action and becoming consistent with it will come naturally once you did.

Continue being passionate and motivated towards your goals, that nothing can stop you from achieving it, because no matter how many steps it takes for you to reach your goals, once you are passionate and motivated to continue doing so, you will always be willing to stay consistent with your habits just to reach your desired outcome.  

With that said, if you want to stay consistent you have to change the unhealthy habits that you do and start to devote and give time to develop new habits that can help you reach your goals. It doesn’t matter how big or small that is, as long as you keep on doing it regularly and adapt it to your lifestyle.

With all that considered, here are also some of the things you need to develop and practice that can help you become more consistent in your goals in life

  1. Plan each task – Consistency requires you to plan all the tasks that you need to be doing in order for you to reach your goals. Without planning, you will be all over the place unable to finish the most important thing you need to be done as you are occupied with all the other activities as well.

    It can make you become disorganized which decreases your productivity and make it less effective.

    By planning carefully, it gives you the ability to focus on one thing at a time and be clear about your objectives. You can use a calendar to write down your start date & your desired finish date of each task that you need to be doing every day. That way, you are also giving time to other things you need to be doing and not just get caught up over one thing. It helps you not only become more efficient and productive but also to become more consistent as you do this routine.
  1. List every step – Write down each step that it will take for you to finish your goal and list down the things you need to be prioritizing, as well as the other things you need to implement that will take you much closer to achieving your goals and come out with a great outcome. List down the least important up to the most important of each step.
  1. Reward yourself – Create Incentives or rewards for yourself that you can earn along the way once you finish a hard task. That way, you are making yourself be more dedicated and consistent in doing the even harder tasks as you have a reward for yourself after you had accomplished it. Be it your favorite chocolate bar that you told yourself not to eat until you are finished with that certain tasks or an expensive watch or other items you are wanting to buy but instead save it for the next buy after you did something great. Whatever it is, a reward is a good way to boost your dedication and continuing with the process of becoming more consistent.
  1. Track your progress – Whatever you are doing find a way to track your progress. Even the little steps counts! So don’t disregard it telling yourself that it is nothing when it is. As long as you give your fullest time to develop a habit you will always come out better than before. By tracking your progress, every time that you are seeing it, you will become more motivated to continue doing that habit as you are seeing results which makes you more inclined to keep up with it and make it better.   
  1. Remove distractions – Stay away from all the distractions that are keeping you away from becoming consistent. For instance, you could be distracted to watch a show because your TV is on while you are doing a task that is important to accomplish your goals. Instead of being focus on that certain task, you become distracted with the television on and suddenly lose the motivation to continue working towards it. Focus on one thing at a time and avoid all the distractions that can definitely stop you from being consistent at all costs.


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