Best Ways to handle and manage STRESS

Let’s start by discussing stress, so what exactly is it and how does it impact your body? Well according to WebMD, “Stress is any change in the environment that requires your body to react and adjust in response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses.” So basically, anything that you do excessively or intensely can put stress onto your body. It is when a person starts to feel overworked and stress tension levels will then start to build up. Stress tension can rise up, be it from your daily routines, unhealthy relationships that can be a burden, financial pressures as well as problems within your environment, and by experiencing difficult situations. As long as you feel that a certain area in your life only causes exhausting result, it can overtime develop to massive stress which is not healthy for any person’s overall well-being.

 You can stop stressing by first identifying the main causes of your stresses so you can limit or seemingly start to end that habit especially if you know it won’t do you good. For instance, you’re a person who’s always stressing about your current relationship and having anxiety if your partner would cheat on you then it is suggested to stop overthinking about the negative thoughts because the more you focus on the negative the more it will attract you often and stressing over the negative thoughts you have in yourself can only impact you negatively as polarized thinking not only causes stress but over time leads to depression and worsens your mental health which can also affect you physically. With that said, always try to keep a positive outlook in life and not feeding off the negative thoughts you have in your head or handling the difficult situations with overthinking because how you will react to a burdensome situation in the current moment will clearly determine how much stress can take a toll in your body and your overall health and well-being.  

Here are the following ways you can deal with STRESS to handle and manage it efficiently

  1. Meditate to relax and attract Positive energy

As I have previously mentioned if you only paid attention to the negative thoughts and constant worrying on how to minimize the difficulty of the situations you are currently facing, it can only stresses you more. So instead of worrying about those things, you can try to relax a little and focus on the brighter side of things. No matter what the circumstances are, always have an optimistic outlook in life and see how much big of a difference it can make as you develop your stress management skills.

  1. Manage Time Effectively
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If you’re always put on a constant level of stress as you don’t even have the time to relax a bit because of the long working hours in your career, being always away or on the go or overworked with too many tasks and lacks the time to do other things that can make you happy such as socializing with friends or just doing the things you’re passionate about. If you are one of these people who stresses on their time, it is advisable to consider making a time management plan and not just do things on a whim, if you can, you can start doing things simultaneously without compromising the quality of your work and still be able to finish the task, then you can always do it to save time, especially if you are really lacking time to do something you absolutely desire because of the long working hours that prevent you to do so. For instance, you can multitask on certain things such as cooking and doing laundry at the same time and still have the time to do the things that makes you happy. If it is too much to handle, and stress develops intensely, you can always limit to things you can only manage in a day and focus on one thing and clear distractions.

You can also learn to set limits and say no to people when you’re in a hectic schedule. Keep in mind that you can always hang out with people with whom you are having fun with and decreases the amount of stress in your workload, and if you have time to give then it’s up to you if you wanted to set aside some time to give, but for people that only drains your energy when you’re with them and if it isn’t necessary to go out, you can always reduce the number of commitments that isn’t essential to your life and only causes you major stresses to occur. 

  1. Improve quality of sleep and get enough sleeping hours

By having a good night’s sleep you are a step ahead to having a better day when you wake up the next morning because it had released all the stresses you have had in the previous days.

You can also improve sleep quality by setting a proper atmosphere in your room through the right temperature, if the air is clean and if you have already turned off technologies to keep you away from distractions of notification sounds and lights. This routine alone will manage your stress hormones to give you a fresh start when you wake up the next day

  1. Opt for a Healthy Diet

Good nutrition makes a difference as a nutrient-filled diet is essential and improves our physical and mental health, as the healthier, we eat the more fuel it gives to our body which will then influence us on the way we think, and feel throughout the day, which of course reduces the chance of stresses to occur.

  1. Exercise to release tensions and stresses

 Exercise helps by relieving extra tensions and stress that we feel in our body because the more we regulate our blood flow, the easier for stress to be released from our body, Not only that but it also is an effective way to decrease the risk of acquiring diseases and illness and other health conditions. It is not necessary to exercise in too many hours as it can only result in being fatigue unless you are setting a fitness goal. Instead, exercising between 20 -30 minutes a day is enough for it.

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