Areas of Primary Foods that plays a part in a healthy lifestyle

“Primary foods” are essential to our overall health and well-being and many times play a larger role than our secondary foods which are the foods we actually eat regularly. But what is “primary foods” to begin with? Primary foods are not what you find on the plate in your table it’s about the ‘Circle of Life’, about everything that keeps you healthy, happy and balanced in your everyday life.

So why is it really called primary foods, exactly? Well, According to Institute of Integrative Nutrition, “Food is more than what you find on your plate, they are the Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career and a spiritual practice as it can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. So when these ‘primary food’ is balanced and satiated, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary.” So perhaps, you aren’t satisfied with your job or even relationships? Do you think that you will feel that sense of fulfilment you badly needed? Think about it, we live in this world because we think we have a reason to live, but what if we’re not happy with what is going on in our life? Do you think you would be able to appreciate our current state knowing that we are not in the place we wanted to be? So by having that happiness and fulfillment from the circle of life, we are not only living a healthy, happy, and contented lifestyle, but we are also letting ourselves have a wonderful life ahead.

These are some of the areas of the Circle of Life or what you called “Primary Foods” that needs to be balanced to live a happy and healthier life.

  • Love and Relationships

Although you have to be happy by yourself first so you wouldn’t seek happiness on other people and we have to be completely whole by ourselves in order to become happy, which of course there’s no denying that. We have to love ourselves first before we can love someone else. But It is true when they said that relationships can make a person happier, it can make our whole self even more fulfilled once we find that well balanced and satisfied relationships we always desire, as it gives us the happiness in our life, it makes us not feel alone, sad and depressed, because all our life, we always searched for meaningful relationships and once we had someone to be by our side for better and for worse, no matter if its friends, family or your lover, nothing else would matter. 

  • Career

A career that pays well doesn’t necessarily mean its fulfilling for some people, hating your job will only result to stress and anxiety, so by finding a career you’re truly passionate about that helps you define your purpose, will have a positive impact in your life and will certainly balance other aspects in the circle of life.

  • Spiritual connection

each one of us had experienced feeling lost and ungrounded so we look for other people to fill that void, but what we do not know is by practicing our spiritual mindset and looking beneath ourselves to find awareness we solely needed to see, we can eventually find that sense of peace and fulfillment. We just have to be open to observing and approach the understanding of oneness of reality and allow it to deepen naturally. Pray if you could, but if you don’t believe in something as powerful in the above, you can always allow yourself to surrender to the universe and be enlightened.

  • Health

A good health matters most in our life, because we can’t enjoy the other parts of life without being in a good health condition. For instance, have you ever wanted to enjoy a moment by participating in a competitive sport but your body is not in a condition to do so? Or because of an illness that is preventing for that to happen, what would that make you feel? Of course you will feel the sadness and deprived yourself with the feeling of not being good enough for it. So when you decide that you wanted to turn your life around and be healthy for the better, working out or exercising is a good way to do it, it can change your life for the better, because it can greatly reduce the risk of a series medical condition such as depression, obesity, and stress disorders and once you decided you want your body to feel better, generally your life will become a lot more healthier and happier to live by.

  • Education

 There are lots of uneducated people in the world, and if there’s things that being educated had taught us, it’s most certainly our manners and etiquette. By how we educate our mind to act is how we react to all situations. That’s the basic part that an educated should learn, but some of it people didn’t even learn in school. So if you have got a chance to get in a classroom unlike someone else, you should be grateful of everything that it does taught you, as it is very important to learn every day in our lives. Do not forget that Education plays a role in the career of your choice, so what wrong will it do to not appreciate it more?.

  • Finances

Being able to afford the most important “needs” in our life, such as foods, and clothes will bring joy and contentment to us. There are a lot of people who unfortunately doesn’t have the privileged to have such things, so what more when you can?. Finances are important for everyone to have, and without this we can’t live a life we always desired, that means being able to live unhappily, saddened and miserable which we don’t want to happen in our life.

To conclude it all, these primary foods mentioned are some of the most important areas in your everyday life that needs to always be on a positive note, as they play a large part in the quality of a person’s day to day lives. We tend to overlook these areas as if they were not contributing to our sense of nourishment and fulfillment, which we should not do overtime as primary foods are the first step to give us a happy and balanced life, before we have to worry about the foods we put on our body which is the ‘secondary foods’. It is called ‘primary’ for a reason and that is because we have to sustain our primary needs as it is what drives us to have the right mentality of things. Therefore, it will result to have a big impact on the state of your emotional and mental well being.

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