About me, Steph

When I was starting out, I was inspired to help build a community out of living a healthy lifestyle that could help people keep up with, despite struggling with a busy schedule, and I thought why not if it means helping each and every one of us become the best we could be? That is because I know that we are often preoccupied with our schedules that it is hard to find time for ourselves to take care of our own well-being, now trust me when I say that I am also struggling with it. 
But the question remains? Is it really that hard though? A lot of people says they can’t find the time, can’t make it, can’t do it. But when you think about it, doing what’s best for you isn’t even that difficult. It doesn’t require all of your time, either. It does, however, require consistency. And since we completely forget how there’s more to life than just making money, we are settling for a lifestyle that doesn’t make us the person we often desire to become. So if it means changing up our lifestyle to a much healthier one and become this person we wanted to be, then I am all for it. It’s true that if you’d really want to, you would find the time. 
Now let me help you with your struggles as you take the time to read each articles I posted here in the blog. As you all know, this website is dedicated to all types of people, whether struggling with a busy schedule, isn’t consistent enough to continue or not committed enough to try. Its either Do or Do not.  

About StepUp

We thought of a brand that people should instantly connect with specially in the healthy lifestyle sector and that could also connect with us as well, Creator, Steph was quick to adapt the Steph Up name thinking that in order to be in one healthy lifestyle YOU, must be ready to step up your game and start working for the betterment of your own self, Of course we will be here to  help you as you progress and change your lifestyle,  but you might need to put your heart into the process. While that sounds as easy, you still need to be dedicated enough to be able to become this healthy young individual you desire. So don’t bother learning with us, we will want to help you in this journey and grow along with you as much as we can.