The days of commuting and going to the office to work are all gone, especially today when everyone’s been working from home due to the pandemic. But can we all agree that working from home can be both a blessing and a curse? I know, I know, working from home makes us become easily distracted with our work due to household chores, communicating with friends, or just spending time with the family, but working from home can also able to bring balance and harmony back into our lives and make time for the things that are important to us that is impossible to do when we are working in the office.

Even if most of us are working from home nowadays, we all know that it requires a lot of willpower to develop good healthy habits that will make us stay both on top of work and home life at ease.

But in order to find the motivation to get on with the tasks that we simply need to get done, we need to learn to develop good habits to do so.

That is why, in this article, I’ve put up together seven work from home healthy habits and tips to follow to become more productive, efficient and have a better work from home routine.

  1. Make Sure Your Office is Set Up for Maximum Productivity – Having your office set up with things that you already need and already putting your things near in your desk allows you to work with much productivity and efficiency because it reduces the time wasted on getting up just to find the things you might need and is essential at the moment when you’re working.

Make sure you’re all set! Have your notebook, pens, or your coffee near you!

  1. Open your windows – When working from home, it is easier to get caught up with your tasks, so you might need a little refresher. Opening up your windows allows you to not feel clustered when indoors and therefore makes your energy be restored, which allows you to work better. It also allows dust and dirt that are harmful to our health to get out in our workplace. 

  1. Take Regular Breaks – A 5 or 10-minute break is necessary in order to work productively, to improve focus, and improve concentration because when you are working on a task, it is easy to lose track of time and makes you feel burnt out. So a few minutes of break allows you revitalized. It is, of course, important not to miss any valuable snack or a coffee break.

  1. Move your body 

Working at home allows you to sit at your desk for hours, and it is not healthy for the body because the fact is, the human body is not able to withstand this much sitting. So when you’re working from home, chances are you are not able to move away from your desk very often. Moreover, you can try a few desk stretches, exercising, or just walking during your break. It gives your body and brain the boost it needs to keep those creative juices flowing.

  1. Remove your distractions – Everything can be a distraction when working, and it is almost impossible not to get distracted, and that is the reason why we’re actually developing healthy habits in the first place. For removing distractions, you can try to keep your phone notifications silent, putting a do not disturb sign on your door to let your family know that you can’t be disturbed.

  1. Establish boundaries around work and personal time – Let your family and friends be informed when is your workdays and when it is alright for you to be visited so they won’t drop by at your place anytime you’re working, and you won’t be able to attend to them.

  1. Spend time at the end of your workday to prepare for tomorrow – Every time your work is about to end, make sure that you allot minutes to prepare for your work the next day. Make a to-do list and plan what you’re going to do in your calendar so you can start your work the next day, all prepared.


By creating healthy habits while working from home, it allows you to get back on your focus and now be able to do your work with ease. These tips will help guide you into creating healthy habits. I know it is easier said than done, especially when you feel that you don’t have the time to be able to balance things out with your personal life, so if that is the case, I recommend taking things one step at a time but do not forget to try these tips when working from home.

If you also have any helpful tips and habits that you think can make your working life easier, don’t forget to share them with us by leaving a comment in this article as well.

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