7 WORST Habits People have that affects their lives and need to quit immediately

Each one of us has our own worst habits that we know are not literally helpful to us but we still do it, why? Because as what they said “Bad Habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into but hard to get out of” So even if we tried to change and turn the bad habits into good, there are still going to be times where we can’t help but to find ourselves doing those bad habits over and over again and thus, prevent us from actually accomplishing our goals effectively as these habits can get in the way in everything that we do.

The question remains, why are we still doing it? And most importantly how can we be able to stop doing it?  Well, First and foremost, we keep on doing it because we are used to doing it, in short, we adapt to whatever routine we do on a daily basis, so if our day mostly consists of bad habits and we are used to doing it for so long, it would take a lot of effort and willingness to quit in order for us to do so.

But by having awareness, you can easily turn the bad habits into good.

Begin by identifying each habits that you do as it is the first step to changing them. The trick to getting rid of the bad habits is by being aware and conscious of what you are getting out of it. If you know within you that the habits that you do are not serving you well, then it becomes easy to know how you can switch it up and change those habits to turn your life around for the better.

Just a piece of advice, Don’t wait until things are out of control before you change, because for every habits that you chose to do, it has the ability to influence your life either in a good or in a bad way. At the end of the day, it all lies within you. So whatever it is that you do in your day, always choose the good habits that can help you become the better you.

Nonetheless, here are some of the most common bad habits that people have that affects their life~

  1. Spending too much time on social media – It is okay to use social media especially in today’s time, but when you spend too much time on it doing things that aren’t necessarily helpful for your growth I would suggest reducing your time using it. You need to be clear in your mind about what exactly are you using your socials for. Is it for having a platform to showcase your skills and talents? Or for increasing your self-development by utilizing the positive side of it? Because if it isn’t and you are just using your socials by looking at other people’s feeds, then you are not only wasting your time but you can get caught up with it.

    It would become worst if you are starting to feel like you should live your life like your favorite social media personality and become insecure about their accomplishments. 
  1. PROCRASTINATION – when you began procrastinating at things you should be doing, it can restrain you from accomplishing your goals.

    By delaying and avoiding to do things right away can make you less productive and less able to do it effectively. For instance at work, when you start doing your tasks on the last day, you would probably be rushing your tasks just to meet the deadline. So start changing the habit of procrastination and do not delay to do the important things you know you should be doing in the first place. Remember, you’ll never do it if you don’t do it now.

    So break the habit by staying away from things that may hinder your work.
  1. Overthinking – Overthinking can only make things worse as it can drag you and only make you feel worse than what you are currently feeling. Overthinking can also lead to serious emotional distress which can cause mental health problems to occur in the long run.
  1. Not able to let go – stop holding on to things you need to let go of. Let go of the past, it will be hard at first but if you want something better to come in, you should definitely close the past chapter of your life. Believe that “When one door closes, another one opens” as per Alexander Graham
  1. Giving up easily – A lot of people have a habit of giving up easily because they think they can’t keep up with the hardships and the challenges that life brings when it is not the case. If you think that you will fail, that is when you started to give up. It’s because you don’t have the hope that you believe you will succeed and you don’t have the courage to continue any further. Let me tell you something, If you always put into your mind that you will only fail, you will actually fail. So change your mindset and start thinking that you will succeed because what you are thinking is what you are attracting.
  1.  Thinking you know it all – No one knows everything. We all learn every day. So if you think that you know it all and that you are a walking encyclopedia, then clearly you are not! When you are not open to learning anymore is when you stop cultivating knowledge and stop moving forward and grow, as growth happens once you change this current mindset and begin trying new things and gain more knowledge.
  1. Over attachment with people –The first rule is to focus on yourself because when you become over-attached to people you begin to rely on them instead of yourself. It will become an unhealthy habit when you don’t know how to function without them.


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