7 Ways to overcome sadness – and why suppressing emotions are bad for your health

It is normal to feel sad from time to time, in fact, sadness is a normal part of the human emotional spectrum that is often associated with a difficult situation that can occur, but when the intensity of it seems overwhelming and out of control it often becomes chronic and can lead to depression, for that reason alone, one should learn how to deal with it, that whenever we feel the weakest we must find the strength to conquer whatever situation is making us feel that way, otherwise things will only go sour and your sadness can drag you into feeling worse.

Sadness tends to last longer than any other emotions especially if you’re spending most of your time overthinking about the situation that is making you feel sad, and sometimes we cannot simply control our emotions as much as we think we could as it sometimes can come out of nowhere when you least expected it to. For instance, unexpected breakups can occur or a sudden loss of a loved one (even pets) can happen and the intensity of the sadness that comes with it can take you by surprise. The more you become hurt the more your sadness can pull you back down and make it seem uncontrollable, however, once you accepted the situation as they come and decided to move forward and put into your mind that you need to be stronger to not let the emotions consume you, it will definitely help you overcome the sad emotions you are currently experiencing at the moment.

Attempting to avoid emotions appears to be reasonable, one might find drinking helpful to cope up with sadness and can help take the feeling away for the time being, but when the feeling of sadness comes back again they may long for drinking all over again which often leads to bigger problems in the long run, in this case, a problem with addiction. Suppressing your sadness can also lead to physical stress on your body and has effects on your mental health, therefore acknowledging your emotions instead of bottling up is one way to deal with emotions that can be challenging.

Sadness indeed is harmful to our health when it feels so intense and too much, but by raising awareness, you are addressing not only your emotions but also your overall health in general. Awareness is the first step in healing and coping up with your emotions, and you will definitely help yourself prevent many health issues that can arise when you spend too long with sadness. It prevents stress, and reduces the risk of you being depressed and other health factors that are associated with it.

With that said, here are ways on how to cope up with sadness and what you should do whenever you feel sad

  1. Keep yourself busy by doing activities you enjoy – Doing activities that you enjoy gives you happiness, in which you need whenever you feel down and sad. Keeping yourself busy can also make you stay away from overthinking the situation that is making you feel that way, So whatever it is that you do, make sure to indulge in something that can give you joy, help you become happier and move forward in life.
  1. Journal – Writing your feelings down whenever you feel sad can help you let out your emotions. Having something to express what you are feeling at the moment and sharing your thoughts can make you feel less alone especially if you don’t have someone that you trust to listen to you. It is a way to acknowledge your sadness and release suppressed emotions.
  1. Stay away from places that make you feel sad – Places reminds you of the memories of the situations and emotions of what you have felt during your hardest times. So when you go back to it again, you will start to recall and reminisce about that event which can trigger your sad emotions and make you feel that way again.
  1. Be optimistic and look at the brighter things in life – just think that whatever you are feeling now is not for the long term. You are never going to be sad forever. Emotions come and go, so by being optimistic and looking at the brighter side of life you are being hopeful and positive for a better future once and for all. The situation you are experiencing right now that is making you feel sad are just challenges that you needed to face in order to move forward and be the better you, so when you experience it again, you will immediately stop the sadness from consuming you beforehand, as you are now aware of how to cope up with it.
  1. Practice Mindfulness – Mindfulness is acknowledging your experiences and accepting them without judging them or yourself. When you are practicing mindfulness it helps change how your brain responds to sadness which also helps you recover faster whenever you feel these emotions.
  1. Don’t Isolate – Don’t isolate when you are sad as isolation can make you feel lonelier and deepens your sadness which can lead to depression and anxiety. Talk to a friend you trust or a family member you are close with, don’t do this alone, if it’s possible, see a psychologist that can help you get through tough times. Talk to someone supportive and follow the talk therapy
  1. Travel to places you haven’t been before – Exploring different places and cultures helps you become happier and keeps you away from feeling sad and lonely especially if you are willing to meet new people along the way. Allow yourself to be happier and Let the journey fights off your sad emotions.


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