7 Good habits to do to develop an innovative mindset

Being innovative is being able to do things that no one else has ever thought of doing, have never been done before or just creating advanced solutions to something that has already been established to develop a more innovative outcome. Your innovation is defined by your creativity and your ability to produce a unique idea and the way you think outside the box. Although thinking innovatively is much of a skill and can be learnt with practice by developing good habits that can help you fine-tuned your thinking and mindset into a more innovative one.

Without the willingness to change and see improvements in a certain thing that you do or problems that you encounter, you will never develop a better outcome and create innovative solutions. That being said, there has got to be an objective, a direction and vision to achieve innovation.

Make good choices of habits by analyzing your routine and see how today can be different from yesterday. Ask yourself what you can improve, how it can be improved, and always try to be the better person you are each day by learning new things every day. Whatever you are doing, always try to point out the new things you have learned and gained knowledge from, that way, you are able to enhance your abilities, your logical thinking to be able to think outside the box.  You should have the urge to keep innovating yourself first before anything else and you will see the effects of improvement in things around you.

Having said that, here are the 7 good habits that can help you develop a more innovative thinking

  1. Have a vision – You’ve got to see the world differently, meaning that you should have a different perspective of things because innovation demands the ability to see what few others can see and what few others can understand. Have a vision and plan before you dive into something that you have no idea of doing because when you have envisioned something first and you have everything planned all the other things will follow.
  1. Do things differently – Always look and find ways on how a certain thing can be improved and always think outside the box. Start by thinking of how you can do it differently and better than other people and think of ways of how you can improve the work to make it more unique, creative, and interesting. Do this each day to improve the way you think of things to become more innovative and generate ideas quickly.
  1. Be inspired – Find inspiration through other people or on different platforms by reading books and magazines, and watch videos and presentations on topics you wouldn’t normally enjoy. Consider attending different conferences in seemingly unrelated fields and pay attention to ideas that are generated from each individual presenting. Be inspired by the way they do things and be motivated to continue doing so to perhaps develop your innovation
  1. Build confidence – when you became confident you find it easy and unafraid to express an opinion and you will develop a very strong appreciation for your ability and not put yourself down. Because even if you have good ideas, if you can’t get out of your comfort zone and become confident in your abilities, you will always be stuck with what you are used to.
  1. Gain Knowledge by asking more – Be curious and open to other people’s perspective of things, asks questions more often, and gain knowledge of certain things you haven’t known before. Have an inquisitive mindset and a curious nature that makes you have a sense of wonder and always trying to know the reason behind things.

So be always open to others’ viewpoints as many different and contrasting ideas can open your eyes and show you their perceptions of things. You will not only gain knowledge but you will also be aware of other’s points of view and apply it to what you have learned.

  1. Spend some time alone thinking about new ideas- Sometimes when you are alone and when it is peaceful that nobody could disturb you, it gives you more time to brainstorm and generate new ideas which is a good habit. Give yourself time to ponder in silence and write down whatever comes to your mind. Start by asking how something can serve you better in any of your desired fields and how it can become innovative and unique.  
  1. Watch and learn from people around you – Watch people and things that are around you on how they do certain things. Think of the ways that you can improve and do something they are doing in a much better way or if there is any solution to problems that only you can see as you are paying attention. When you do this often and make it a habit, you will become used to it and you will often find yourself doing this even if you did not notice.


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