5 ways that will help you stop yourself from being too self-critical (How to deal with self-criticism)

Have you ever find yourself criticizing what you do all the time, being so hard on yourself because of the constant thought of wanting to achieve better and wanting to succeed like the rest? Well, you are not the only one struggling with this as it is not something that can be easily avoided for a lot of us, because each one of us only wants the best for ourselves, I mean who doesn’t want to be successful right?

But becoming too self-critical on yourself that you started to put a lot of unnecessary pressure can become negative especially when you really want to achieve a certain goal but you didn’t succeed in it and It all feels like your world is crumbling apart which isn’t totally healthy to put up with.

But being too self-critical though is a habit that can be changed as long as you develop an understanding of why you shouldn’t criticize yourself and put into mind that not one person is as perfect as they are.

There’s no reason to criticize yourself when you feel that something isn’t going well according to plan. If you always feel frustrated when you failed to achieve your goals, or if you are being slow on the process and you’re procrastinating on doing it, still do not put heavy pressure on yourself because it would only make things worse, instead work with a positive mindset and avoid criticizing yourself whenever you began to do so.  Remember nobody is super productive all the time so allow yourself to take a break when you needed to. There’s no need to rush and there’s no need to compare yourself to other people on how well they are doing and if they are ahead of you. You don’t need to put pressure on yourself just because you are slow at doing something that you think you should have already done in the first place because the negativity that you put in your mind is something that you totally have the power to control, change and turn into something that can be quite good for you.

Acceptance is the key to stop self-criticism, you have to accept that you are not perfect and you make mistakes along the way, you have to learn from the mistakes you’ve made and understand that criticizing yourself will only do you no good. You don’t need to think that you’re a failure, just go with the flow and don’t expect too much from yourself especially with goals that are too unrealistic, to begin with.  This is one way to avoid self-criticism whenever you do so and it could help you put a stop to becoming too self-critical.

With that said, here are the other ways to do, to stop yourself from being too self-critical

  1. Use Less of Social Media – Whenever you see someone else’s life on social media and you see that their life is ultimately better than yours, you can start to feel the insecurities kicking in and feel sorry for yourself because you think you weren’t as successful as them or you haven’t yet achieved anything good quite like them when you definitely shouldn’t feel that way because in that case,  you are only making yourself feel smaller than these people as you tend to compare their life to yours and thus, you started to put pressure onto yourself to achieve better than them or to at least copy what they’ve done.

    When you follow everything according to what you see in your socials, you become consumed with the thought of wanting to live your life like them so you put pressure onto yourself to succeed like they are but when it didn’t live up to your expectations, the self-criticism will get underway, which you definitely do not want. So if you can limit your usage of social media, consider doing so and it will give you a hefty boost of peace of mind.
  1. Be optimistic – when you are allowing yourself to think positively and removing all the negative thoughts that you had put in your mind including self-criticisms, you are beginning to think that everything will happen no matter how long it will take for it to be.  Just focus on being happy as it will radiate a positive vibe towards you.
  1. Be proud of your current progress – No matter how long your goals will take for you to reach it, just be proud that at least you are doing something one step at a time. When you understand and accept that you do not need to criticize yourself just because you are slow on the process and instead you are focusing on the greater things that will come your way, you are being grateful for the things that are happening to you now and your current progress.
  1. Do not overthink – We are our own worst critics. There are times where usually the situations aren’t as bad as you think it is, but when you start to overthink even the littlest details or flaws within you or the situation, will always make you start to notice them all which makes you criticize yourself more often than not. We all have low points in life and are always going through ups and downs because life isn’t always filled with wonders and joy, so each time you overthink and put yourself down, try to find a way to lift yourself up and do not focus largely on overthinking about the negative.
  1. Learn not to judge yourself easily – We always notice all the flaws that we have, but we should also know that nobody around us is as perfect as you thought they are. So don’t be too hard on yourself. All of us have gone through or are going through difficult struggles and are fighting their own battles in life. Use every moment to learn not to judge yourself and the mistakes that you have made, use it as a way to gain knowledge instead of beating yourself up because you have made a “mistake”.  


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