5 most Important Healthy living Hacks and tips

5 most Important Healthy living Hacks and tips

Healthy living is the way to a good lifestyle, it gives you a healthy, happy and contented life but in order to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must need to take care of your body first. What I’m saying is it all takes one small change a day to ensure that you are properly giving every part of yourself the time to be healthy and you can do that by means of maintaining a proper diet, hygiene, keeping yourself hydrated, doing regular exercise and taking adequate amount of sleep. Here I suggest some hacks to healthy living, and how it is the 5 most important things which can keep you physically and emotionally fit and healthy.

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Sleep is one of the most essential parts of our life. A well-rested body is a foundation for a healthy lifestyle which must be a reason why we feel exhausted when we don’t sleep properly. If you’re constantly missing out on sleep, you’re hurting not only your body but your mind as lack of sleep causes stress hormones to rise, so by taking enough sleep, and sleeping at least 8 hours a day helps us feel refreshed and not only does it improve our memory, our creativity but even our lifespan.

In order for a good quality sleep to repair our cells and reboot our brains to fight another day and keeps our body clock in sync we have to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every night at the same time

2. Make time for Physical fitness

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Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. ” That is why we, as humans, are designed to move and why leg muscles are the largest muscle group in our body.

We need to move throughout the day, not just once a day, but it doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym or walking an hour or do yoga. We can start by taking your dogs to jog and taking short walks whenever we are going to work. Remind ourselves to avoid sitting far too long at the office and skipping movement on the whole. Whatever you do, always have movement and exercise as a priority, If you can easily achieve that, increase your goals If you can’t, decrease them.

After workout you should also rest your body apart from the times you move and let it recover. You might still be unhealthy even if you work out 7 times a week in the gym if you don’t give proper time for the body to recover. And because of this, recovery is as important as the workout especially when you give your body a time to heal.

3. Stay Hydrated & Drink Water in the Morning

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As soon as you wake-up in the morning Start your day by drinking enough water, because a consumption of water early in the morning flush out toxins in the body keeping your digestive system healthy.

The human body is composed primarily of approximately 60 percent water. It is needed to carry out metabolic functions smoothly, remove waste, and carry nutrients and oxygen, so we’re constantly excreting water throughout the day due to our normal bodily functions. With that said, we need to make sure we stay hydrated by Replenishing the water intake that we lose by drinking plenty of it, at least 3 to 5 liters a day.

Whenever we feel thirst and dehydrated stop drinking sugary drinks and instead replace it with h2O.

4. Take Care of your Mental Health and Meditate

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Mind and body are clearly connected.  Mental health affects our physical health. A person who is struggling all day and night with their mental illness does not have the time or energy to make any efforts to focus and maintain a good physical health.

Physical stress, tiredness, weakness, will affect our mind. Physical ability to perform will bring mental confidence because when you take care of yourself, you feel better. When you “feel” better your mind works better. You are able to hear the things you need to hear to grow and be successful.  Imagine yourself to be in a better shape, your mind automatically works towards making you one. Stay healthy and your mental health stays uplifted at all times.

That is why self-care is important in all aspects and by meditating minutes before sleep you will feel more relaxed with a clearer mind. This is especially important after a day of overthinking when you have had tons of ideas racing and you end up confused what you should do next.

5. Eat Proper foods

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Saying eat healthy is probably the most overused advice when it comes to healthy lifestyle advice. But it is also one of the most necessary. By eating a nutrient dense whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains is a great way to get your daily vitamins and minerals.

Replace your habits of eating candy bars and instead eat fruits and try to eat more of grains such as brown rice, whole grain oats, and bread, as it fills you up quickly because of the portion control that happens naturally making it difficult to overeat as the fiber helps up with these. Besides, you will satisfy your palate, and be eating healthy at the same time. Try to avoid eating fast food and rather cook your meals at home because then you can avoid unnecessary ingredients of food prepared in restaurants that contain preservatives, flavor enhancers, rancid fats and food colors which can gradually affect health as these ingredients lead to gain excess weight, insulin insensitivity, heart disease or you can suffer from food poisoning. This includes avoiding foods that cause allergies or indigestion such as dairy that causes indigestion to those lactose intolerant and grains for gluten intolerant.

As I was saying, it is good to have healthy home food to cook as much as you can. Home food can help you maintain the weight and keeps you away from diseases. If you must eat processed foods, try to choose only the ones with no added sugar and limited ingredients and try to read the labels carefully.

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