10 Ways to simplify your life

We sometimes have a tendency to overcomplicate and make things more difficult than they need to be and thus, we became overwhelmed, feel too stressed out and start to do things inefficiently, but we have to stop thinking about things that are beyond our control and start focusing on the ones that are, in that way we are able to simplify our life and improve it for the better. When we simplify our life we begin to get rid of the things that are holding us down as well as eliminating excess things that are unnecessary to us, it not only reduces stress but gives more time to do things that we actually matter and value. We become more efficient when doing certain tasks, experience more happiness in life, and waste less of our valuable time.

Here are 10 ways which will simplify and make your life happier, more satisfying, and more efficient.

  1. Don’t buy things that you don’t need – Before you buy something you have to ask yourself if you really ‘need’ that certain item that you’re going to buy? No matter how expensive or cheap that is, ask yourself, am I going to use it frequently? Is it a ‘want’ or a ‘need’?
    Nail down your wants and needs, categorized your priorities. List down the things that you need versus the things that you want, make your ‘needs’ your highest priority so you can make easier decisions when deciding of buying a certain thing.    

    Try to live a minimalist life and simplify your life by having things that you only use frequently. When they say less is more, you know well it is true. When you live with ‘less’, the happier you will become, because the fewer things you have, the more you will appreciate what you have in life and be contented with it.
  1. Write your thoughts down – If something is bothering you deep inside, don’t hesitate to write it down. Writing your thoughts down is one way of letting go of your emotions. Sometimes we became too overwhelmed of responsibilities that it’s beginning to affect our emotions, we become distracted with our thoughts that we are unable to continue working towards another task and move forward. So in order to control your emotions, simply write everything in a journal your thoughts and feelings to help understand them more clearly and cope up with it.
  1. Limit your social media time per day – Limiting your time in social media can help you focus on the important things you need to work on in your life outside of the platform. Spending too much time on your socials and excess use of it can make you feel dissatisfied with your life, feel jealous of others because of the constant comparison of material things and lifestyle of others, feel increasingly unhappy and isolated, and overall gives a negative impact in your life.
  1. Keep your space Tidy and neat – let go of anything that takes up too much of your space and always keep it tidy and neat. How tidy your living space determines your peacefulness and calmness in your everyday life. So start organizing your area according to your liking and make sure it is always neat and tidy because a messy environment only promotes stress and a cluttered mind
  1. Get rid of what no longer serves you – Declutter things that you don’t need. Get two bins that will separate your pile of items to donate or throw out and what to keep. Life feels more of your control when you don’t surround yourself with more things than you can manage and handle.
  1. Write important dates and reminders – If you’re a forgetful one, start writing important reminders, dates, or stuff that you need to take note of, including when your bills are due on a calendar, and your grocery list. It’s better to become organized instead of being a chaotic mess
  1. Plan and prepare your outfits the day before – Planning your outfits ahead will save you more time, so the next day when you are running out of time and feel like you’re late for work you can simply throw on the outfits you pick in advance without giving it an extra thought.
  1. Plan your purchases ahead before buying expensive items – Spend and budget your money wisely. Don’t make an impulse purchase, compare prices to other stores first before you actually buy it. Check if there are any coupon codes to get discounts so you can save up some of your money. Check product reviews to know how reliable the product is before buying it.
  1. Schedule your time – Make a routine and schedule your time effectively. If there is something important you need to do but had no time to actually do it, find a time slot that fits that task you need to work on and get it done. The same thing goes for other tasks you need to accomplish but having less time due to work. Create a Schedule. It makes you more productive and not waste any second of the time that you have.
  1.  Know your priorities – When you feel like you are lacking time due to other areas of your life that you need to focus on (for instance your ‘work’), and your friends or colleagues want to hang out, then learn to say no politely. Look over your main priorities and identify what is more important to you in your time right now and spend your valuable time with it.

To conclude it all, simplifying your life is that simple, as long as you have the willingness to do so. Getting rid of possessions or commitments that are no longer of use and valuable to us and changing the way we approach our life helps us find real fulfillment and happiness that we always desire. After all, we can all benefit from it, as we figure out that life isn’t as complicated as it seems.


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