10 ways to cope with change

Change is constant, it is inevitable. We must not resist change but rather flow with it, especially to situations that we had no control over. Having said that, you can always control the situations that lead to the changes that you wanted to make, as you are in charge of all the actions that you take. So if you are in need of a change in your life, you have to take personal responsibility for it to happen under any circumstances.

But why do we need constant change to happen in our life? Well, it’s because, without the need to change, you won’t likely grow as a person as you tend to get stuck into the current situation that you are in, but when you allow change to happen in your life, it opens up new opportunities and possibilities for growth, so it is always better if your life is constantly changing and flowing.

Nonetheless, it is easier said than done, as a lot of people are having a hard time and are struggling with committing a change.

So why exactly do some people have a hard time following through their desire to change?

Well, Some people find themselves resisting change for many different reasons, perhaps because of the fear and the risk that is associated with it which causes some to feel uneasy when they think about it.  Another factor would be the inability to adapt to new things in their life as they are used to the habits that they do on a daily basis, so instead of initiating change, they would rather not do anything at all with regards to change.

Remember, these habits that you keep on doing on a daily basis, will then become a routine, and as you do it regularly you will likely adapt to it more often than not, so I understand why it is hard for some others to change. But then again, the power and control to do so are all within your reach as long as you have the desire to move forward and change, after all, “we make the world we live in and shape our own environment” for the better.

That being said, here are 10 ways to cope with change

  1. Be open to it – Let change happen and be open to the idea of it as it also opens the door for new opportunities to come your way that can help and make your life better and worth it. By being open to change, you are also staying open to learn and grow to be the better person you wished to be.
  1. Believe in yourself – Always have the belief in yourself no matter what it is that you do in any circumstances. If you are undergoing changes in your life, believe that you’ll be better that you did it, instead of doubting yourself that you shouldn’t have done it otherwise.
  1. Be patient – Be patient with the process and the adjustment period no matter how long it is. It takes time to adapt to the changes that you have just made as habits take at least 2 months before you adapt to these new situations according to James Clear
  1. Be constantly adapting – Humans are highly adaptive. We adapt easily to things that we do regularly, so make sure that you practice good habits to adapt, to change your life around for the better. Adapt to an environment that suits you so all the changes that you will be making are all going to be worth it in the long run, but make sure that you actually desire the need to change instead of being forced to change.
  1. Ask for help – It is no shame to ask for help if you think you can’t do it all on your own. Turn to your good friends for advice or support, whatever it is that you need. Make sure to surround yourself with people that encourage you along the way and to celebrate each step that you made when it comes to making a change
  1. Always be optimistic – Be positive towards the outcome. Just know that you have to change in order for the betterment to happen in your life. The change that you have done will be helping you towards a great future so always begin with a positive attitude during the whole journey and you’ll see how the results are always better when you’re confident that it is going to be.
  1. Take one step at a time – The only way to deal with changes in life is to take it one step at a time. If you are uncomfortable and overwhelmed with bigger changes right away, then start with simple ones and take it slow as you like.
  1. Accept it as it is – This is the only option that you have especially if you have no control of the changes that had to happen. If you don’t want to accept such changes, then change the situation. If it is in your control. If it is not try to make the situation better by accepting it through an optimistic attitude and behavior.
  1. Keep a sense of perspective – Know what’s important and what really matters’ in your life. If you think that you actually need to change something in your life in order for good things to happen, then do so and stop contemplating it. Do it while it’s not too late.
  1. Stop living in the past – thinking of our past distracts us from moving forward. The second we reminisce about the good old days makes us want to go back in time and live in that moment up until now. Instead of letting it go to move forward and change, we insist on bringing that time back which isn’t totally good as it delays the much-needed changes to happen.


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