10 Habits to do every day to become more organized in life

Becoming organized can be beneficial for many people, and it’s a habit everyone should learn and practice. So even if you are the most disorganized person you know, as long as you develop good habits and keep on doing it on a daily basis, it would certainly help you to become more organized in life.

 By improving organization techniques you are beginning to become more efficient because instead of focusing on ‘looking for things that you need at the moment, you are saving a lot of time not doing so when it is organized, as well as use the extra time you have to further increase productivity. Thus, you will not only save a lot of time looking for things but will have more time to work on important tasks.

Not to mention, it has a big impact on your success. You ever noticed that most successful individuals are very organized? Well, it’s because it is one of the traits they possess, highly organized people tend to be more successful than others and it helps contribute to their success. These people are more likely to have everything in their life in order which includes planning ahead, setting priorities straight, being on time, and becoming more productive which are some of the habits of an orderly and organized person.

Becoming organized is not something you are born with, it is merely all about forming healthy habits as you grow older. So if you are stressing out because of your disorganization what better way to become better at organizing than to practice doing certain tasks I will be mentioning below. So without further ado, these are the 10 things you need to do on a daily basis to become more organized in life.

  1. Make your bed as soon as you wake up – When you make your bed each day in the morning it would give you a good start to become productive the rest of the day. It’s a small task that might seem not important but it is, as it practices good habits to develop that would help you stay organized and in order.
  1. Plan your tasks and how you will execute them – Plan ahead as much as you can. If you have many tasks you need to work on, start doing the easier tasks at first so you can focus on a much harder task later.  Plan on which time in the day you are able to finish a certain task off, so you can achieve maximum productivity each day.
  1. Get rid of all the clutter in your surroundings – The more clutter you have in your surroundings the less focus you are having. Whether in your home or work office, you should have a neat and tidy space as the clutter could distract you from finishing certain tasks.
  1. Track your income and spending – Always track your income and what you are spending, that way you are well informed of your expenses and become aware of how you can handle it better.
  1. Sort things in your drawers by using containers or bins – Your home life shouldn’t be cluttered and have your things all over the place because it would become a reflection of yourself. Use containers, bins or drawers to put things and organize them according to your liking.
  1. Use separate laundry bags for your colored clothes and plain whites – laundry can also feel inefficient in time, so to make the most of your time when doing laundry. Separate the clothes in different bins so you can easily know the stuff that you are yet to wash.
  1. Plan your meals in advance – Plan your meals and buy ingredients in advance. If you are going to cook by yourself and don’t have much time, planning your meals ahead can save you time when you’re in a hurry as you already have the ingredients prepared, instead of cooking something unexpectedly and you realized that you actually don’t have the ingredients it needs.
  2. Keep a To-Do list – List on your phone or in a paper what you want to accomplish for the day as it is an effective way to remember the things you need to do. Rank the most important tasks to the least or the things you need to accomplish first.
  1. Always be on time – Don’t lose track of time. Consider setting calendar alerts if you needed to. Show up on time, do not be late for work or meetings, and always ensure to meet deadlines. Do this consistently and you will make it a habit to continue doing so.
  1. Sort your most important files and declutter files you don’t need any longer – Whether you have files in your computer or files in your desk area start getting rid of the files you don’t need and sort the important ones. If you have paper files start to declutter or recycle if possible. Sort papers by date or alphabetically, (it’s up to you) that you feel are important to keep by creating a filing system and labeling them. If you are working on many files on your computer you might want to ensure your files are organized in a manner that will make it easy for you to locate them quickly. Be specific in terms of file names so you can easily search for a specific file especially when in a rush.


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