10 habits that will make you a smarter person in your everyday life

There are people who are naturally born intelligent, in fact, intelligence is inherited to some degree and I won’t disagree to that, but as you go through life most of the intelligence you gain is acquired, so even if you don’t have a higher IQ when you were younger, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t going to be smart forever. There are different types of intelligence and each of us are smart in ways that others are not.

Some people may have a gift of creativity which makes them smart for a reason but there are also people with practical intelligence or someone you can call a “street smart” who is aware of his surroundings and know how to respond quickly to different situations that approaches them.

Without a doubt, our intelligence or wisdom that we have is being developed as we go through phases in life and there are many different factors that make us smarter than ever before, for instance, experiences are vital because the more we learn something from the experiences we encounter, the smarter we can get, the environment also factors a lot as it helps shapes your mind and influences greatly to what extent you maximize or utilize the intelligence you have.

Creating habits can also nourish your mind and doing it regularly has a great impact to make you a smarter person, improve your intelligence, and gain some newer ideas as days goes by. When the brain is always active and not idle it enhances our minds’ capabilities to a greater extent. We are allowing ourselves to learn more, gain wisdom, and make us much smarter than we ever were.

Having said that, These 10 habits below can definitely make you even smarter just by doing them regularly.

  1. Hang out with people who can challenge you intellectually – Talk to many people especially those who seem more knowledgeable and wiser than you, and don’t limit yourself to only talk to those that you already know. Be open-minded to other people’s points of view, discuss topics that you may want to learn from them, and gain insights and understanding of things you haven’t known before. Always be willing to have deep and meaningful conversations instead of small talks and avoiding it at all.
  1. Read books or articles online daily – be smarter about your time spent online and use it as a tool to help you gain knowledge. Research and read physical books and articles online that might help give you wisdom, no matter if you’re doing it out of curiosity.
  1. Do new things that are unfamiliar to you  – as I mentioned, it’s okay to do things out of curiosity if something inspires you to do it even if you don’t know where or how to start. When you get out of your comfort zone instead of staying where you have always been you will never experience anything new and exciting in your life. Indeed, we learn from experience, so what’s stopping you from trying out new things?
    Challenge yourself in new ways and to be able to apply your gained knowledge to improve your everyday life.

  2. Write more – Whether in a journal or in a blog, write more! Writing in general can help you become more creative in the process which boosts your intelligence as creativity requires thinking out of the box and helps generate ideas.
  1. Keep yourself informed about things that are going on in the world and in your environment – be aware of what’s happening in your surroundings and what’s going on in the world and learn from it. Many people are raising awareness on different platforms online or just in your environment in general, and it’s your job to stay up to date and gain consciousness. Being conscious helps you to become aware of any possibilities concerning the environment around you which makes you gain more wisdom in life
  1.  Learn a new skill and make it a habit to improve regularly – Learning a new skill ensures that you keep yourself challenged and helps your brain stay active. It means you are open to learning and improving yourself to become a better person than you once was.
  1. Meditate – Meditating changes the structure of the brain, it will help you become more focused, makes you feel less stressed, healthier, self-composed, gives you a lot of knowledge about yourself that you don’t usually notice, and develop self-awareness of what is going on inside your mind that can help control all the negative thoughts that you have and improve emotional intelligence.
  1. Think of a difficult situation as a way to become stronger and smarter – Whenever you overcome hardships that you struggled with, just think that it’s a way to make you become stronger and smarter because without experiencing these hardships first you will never learn something that you may have learned now. the difficulty of the situation you had encountered makes you want to change your approach differently the next time around and if you ever faced another difficult struggle in life, then you can always apply the things you have learned from your previous situation and be better this time.
  1. Visit new places – Travelling and visiting new places is good for learning because when you experience other cultures than what you are used to, it gives you a different but new perspective in life. Whenever you change location and places it comes with new learnings and adjustments that can help make you be wiser and knowledgeable.
  1. Do self-improvement activities on a daily and continue learning- Be a student for life and continue learning. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a degree or something, because you can always learn from new experiences or skills that you currently undertake. By thinking of improving yourself through the activities that you do, you are increasingly improving your smarts and stimulating your brain.


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